We offer a comprehensive and competitive range of nonwoven interlinings. Nonwoven materials are usually used for lighter garments, especially for small part fusing of ladieswear (such as blouses, dresses and for tape application).
Nonwovens also play an important role in the fusing of large areas on casual and semi-casual blazers, as well as for jackets and coats. For applications in wool coats – and to secure all seams and edges – we offer one of our stitch-reinforced nonwoven materials.


Unlike many other interlining suppliers, we are vertically integrated. We knit, weave, coat and finish our own range of products. With our classic warp knits and mono-elastic weft inserts (which start from a range of 32 g/m2 – 80 g/m2), we offer a great variety of front fusibles with excellent product performance. These products also offer the latest double dot adhesive technology. These materials are characterized by a unique combination of superb surface appearance, softness, resilience, durability and a solid bond even after care treatment. They define the modern business outfit of today’s women.


Fashionable, trendy menswear is characterized by our bi-elastic, woven front-fusible in PES twill 2/2 and 1/3, ranging from 50 g/m2 – 100 g/m2 in weight. They are designed to provide an elegant, clean look with maximum elasticity and comfort. With our brand new 7000 Series, we are introducing a new generation of unparalleled interlining materials.

Circular Knits

If you produce sweaters or pajamas with embroidery, a circular knit is the perfect solution. Fusing the backside will cover and stabilize your embroidery and avoid any skin irritation, which is especially important for childrenswear and baby clothes.

Shirt Interlinings

For the classic business shirt, we offer our woven top fuse materials made of 100% cotton, ranging from a weight of 63 g/m² to – 175 g/m². They are all equipped with a high-density polyethylene adhesive to ensure the highest washing resistance (greater than 95°C) and care treatment as well as dimensional stability.


The production of haircloth interlining/canvas goes back to the foundation of our company, and we still produce it today. However, a much more sophisticated manufacturing process has evolved. Today, new yarn supply and machinery make it possible to develop canvas styles with maximum softness and resiliency.

Leather Interlinings

Leather is a natural product. A supple feel is of the utmost importance in order to keep its original characteristics looking fresh. Our range of leather interlinings can be fused at very low temperatures and with very low pressure to guarantee both softness and an optimal fusing result.